1. F05-134 (singing for sid over)【Royalty Free/Free Download】

  2. F05-85 (ground cave - maze)【Royalty Free】

  3. F05-133 (best pick to you)【Royalty Free】

  4. F05-132 (cross color)【Free Download/Royalty Free】

  5. F05-131(Billion Box)【Royalty Free】

  6. F05-130 (candy - house - candy)【Free Download/Royalty Free】

  7. F05-129 (knocking up)【Royalty Free】

  8. F05-128 (Cruising on) 808-Type【Free-Download/Royalty Free】

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  12. F05-126 (Carnival Claps)【Royalty Free】

  13. F05-125 (Recall)【Royalty Free】

  14. F05-87 (mountain cave)【Royalty Free】

  15. F05-123 (彩-sai-) 【Royalty Free】

  16. F05-121 (Distortion Flower)【Royalty Free】

  17. [Sample Pack] F04 Vol​,​2 [Royalty​-​Free/Free​-​Download]

  18. F05-122 (To Energy)【Royalty Free】

  19. F05-124 (3・2・1) [Tags Removed] 【Royalty Free】

  20. [Loop-Sample] F04 Vol,1 [Royalty-Free] Free-Download

  21. F05-119 (New Vital) 【Royalty Free】

  22. F05-86 (incantation. kick of snake.) 【Royalty Free】

  23. F05-118 (connect of smoke)【Royalty Free】

  24. F05-116 (Hit the Brain) 【Royalty Free】

  25. F05-113 (pre stage of mod)【Royalty Free】

  26. F05-115 (Life Beatz) 【Royalty Free】

  27. F05-114 (rim rool) 【Royalty Free】

  28. F05-112 (wave & wind) 【Royalty Free】

  29. F05-111 (uncanny laugh) 【Royalty Free】

  30. F05-110 (I made it!) 【Royalty Free】

  31. F05-109 (smoky tile) 【Royalty Free】

  32. F05-108 (Trap-Beatz) 【Royalty Free】

  33. F05-107 (Mega road Beatz) 【Royalty Free】

  34. F05-106 (let do it thing)【Royalty Free】

  35. F05-105 (Prison Gate) 【Royalty 100% Free】

  36. [Free Download] F05-104 (One's Attack) 【Royalty Free】[Techno]

  37. F05-103 (Deep power) 【Royalty Free】

  38. F05-102 (darkness) 【Royalty Free】

  39. F05-101 (After trip) 【Royalty Free】

  40. F05-100 (Fm_momo) 【Royalty Free】

  41. F05-99 (Elen) 【Royalty Free】

  42. F05-98 (hit me - candy attack) Type-A 【Royalty Free】

  43. F05-93 (scroll story of day) Type-A 【Royalty Free】

  44. F05-91 (flow) [Free Download] 【Royalty Free】

  45. F05-86 (incantation. kick of snake.) 【Royalty Free】

  46. [Free Download] F05-81 (Gate 2 Fight!) 【Royalty 100% Free】

  47. F05-71 (Like a air) 【Royalty 100% Free】

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  52. [Free Download] F05 Vol.3 21~30

  53. [Free Download] F05 Vol.2 11~20

  54. [Free Download] F05 Vol.1 01~10


YakumO_YoshikI Japan

: YakumO_YoshikI :
I'm YoshikI
I am playing the guitar at [YakumO].
I make the music.
└ composer mix mastering Lyrics
  ├ ・Rock (Metal-Punk-Digital-Pop-Ballad)
  ├ ・Dance (EDM-House-Club)
  ├ ・Beat (Hip Hop-Rap-instrumental)
  └ ・Acoustic
I like making music.

[E.S.F.YakumO] Owner, Purodjusu the & [14C].
[NoisE] In guitarist.

I make the Royalty 100% Free Track.
Please check it.
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